Trading Rules

Rules To Follow
• Please follow all the Tips Message.
• Trade all calls with given SL & Target.
• Be sure to have capital of Minimum 4 Calls Stoploss so the trading won’t stop & we can Recover Loss.
• Never try to Trade huge quantity with Small Capital.
• Never put your Mind for early Entry or Exit.
• Always Trade Same Quantity for a Time Period (Like 15 Days or 1 Month)
• We are here to give you Best advice & Support for Making profit.

Generally we provide calls with BUY ABOVE & SELL BELOW Levels. That means, You should take Entry only when the price Above or Below the given price. Otherwise call is not active & wait till the level break or next update.

To place order in advance you can use Buy or Sell SL order window so once the level break the trade will execute automatically

Some Abbrevations
“SL” For Stoploss
“CMP” For Current Market Price
“CTC” For Cost to Cost

It is Mandatory to use or put the SL order in advance which will help to save big loss.

Note: No Guarantee for Return & Accuracy and Subscription Fees Non-refundable after 1 day Service.

Contact Details

: +91-7015909191

: admin@wealthfinancial.in

: info@wealthfinancial.in


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