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SEBI Registered Research Analyst No. Ankit Gupta- INH100007231


Jackpot Special Features

  • Accuracy: 95 - 97%
  • Updates: Timely follow-up of all the calls
  • Holding Period: Intraday
  • Why Us: Experienced Team, Consistent Performance, Transparent, No False promises

Last profit calls

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Our Best Plan

We anticipate and understand our client's emerging needs and actively recommend our clients in levelling up their investment profits. While we believe that we offer best services, our fixed pricing plans are more competitive. We believe in complete transparency. We're able to offer competitive pricing as we exactly know what we're doing and have great systems in place that allow us to get the job done efficiently.

Jackpot Future Plan

Include Sureshot Calls in Stock Future & Nifty Future

Jackpot Future Tips

Duration 1 Month

Fee 9000/-

Jackpot Option Plan

Include Sureshot Calls in Stock Option & Nifty Option

Jackpot Option Tips

Duration 1 Month

Fee 9000/-